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Industrial companies are operating in increasingly complex environments that require flexibility. The diversification of supply sources and the opening of new markets due to the rise of the Internet require control of forecasts and lead times.

Our Odoo solutions enable you to meet the new industrial challenges: quality management, customised products to order, integration of subcontractors and logisticians into the supply chain, international distribution.



Planning optimisation

We help you in your production planning processes by giving you an optimal view of planning, availability and load. We offer Odoo solutions to meet these challenges. Guarantee delivery times and control production costs to improve your performance with your customers.

Production to

Make-to-order companies focus on customising their offerings to deliver high value-added products and services. Our Odoo solutions enable you to implement new production processes to optimise costs and lead times at all levels of the production chain.

Production from stock

The relocation of production close to customers and markets is a challenge that requires rethinking production methods to make them economically viable. By fragmenting or specialising their production, companies are reverting to a model that requires efficient automated management systems, stock optimisation and traceability.

Real-time communication

Odoo helps you schedule, plan and process manufacturing orders. With the Work Center Control Panel, place tablets on the shop floor to monitor all your work orders in real time and allow workers to trigger maintenance operations, feedback loops, quality issues, etc.

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